Tisch Tosch Training Pregnancy Program

Prenatal exercise is one of the BEST things you can do for both you AND your baby.  As a mother myself, I know it can be tricky to stay fit during a pregnancy, but you will thank yourself later for doing it!
Working out while pregnant helps you gain slow and healthy.  Excess weight gain during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk for several complications including diabetes, preeclampsia and cesarean deliveries. It also helps with depression during and wards off postpartum depression as well. Not mention an easier, safer delivery and effortless SnapBack post delivery! Staying active through pregnancy can also set your baby up for a lifetime of health benefits! Do this not only for you, but your baby!
I prefer my pregnant clients to be working out pre-pregnancy before starting this program, but I do clients of all levels of fitness. But if you are not pregnant yet, I do recommend getting started on the regular portion of the Tisch Tosch Training app.  
I will be there the entire time to guide you through your fit, healthy, yet safe pregnancy.  Please make sure that you have your full doctors approval to work out. 
All you will need is light weights and a band.  You can do any of the workouts right from home making it convenient for you and your blooming belly.  Let’s have a safe, healthy fit  pregnancy mamas!