My Story

Changing as many women's lives for the better is her ultimate goal. Tisch, a born athlete can remember playing basketball and soccer since she could walk which later in life lead her to a successful collegiate soccer career. Training hard for sports was just the beginning of her fitness journey. Her love for health and fitness grew and she followed her passion by becoming an IFPA certified trainer and today, runs her own personal training company, Tisch Tosch Training.

With eight years of professional experience, she has transformed the lives of many high-end celebrity clients, as well as girlfriends/wives of athletes. Tisch prides herself in focusing on women as her main clientele - especially training many moms with their busy schedules, pre/during/and post-pregnant women.

Her passion for training pregnant mamas stems from her own experience as a proud mama. Tisch went through the process of keeping in shape during her entire pregnancy and then snapping back full force! She takes pride in what she does with her busy schedule as a full-time working mama and still being able to stay fit herself!

Challenging herself and others to reach any goal is Tisch's number one priority. Tisch feels that fitness is the cornerstone to overall health and wellness and that getting fit is the first step to a new and healthy lifestyle for any woman no matter how busy their hectic schedule is!