Tisch Fit Training App


Over the years, I've had tonsssss of women contact me wishing they were local and could train with me. I have created a space to launch my programs and workouts on my new app. Now I can work with women all over the world!! Yes!!  

I am beyond excited to share the app with you all!!  This is how it works....

Fitness Assessment: This is to see where your fitness level is! After you have completed the fitness assessment, you will let me know how it was (too easy/too hard)..your personal goals..etc and I will plan a program specifically for you!!! This is what makes the app so amazing...I’m literally training YOU! 

Workouts: The work outs you will get replicate the exact way I train! These fat burning, waist slimming, and booty building exercises are geared to get you the results you want. Every 4-weeks you will get new workouts that will progressively get harder as you advance through the program. I will also give you a meal plan and assign cardio specifically for your body goals.

Progress & Results: Your measurements and progress will be recorded within the app each month so we can monitor and track your results. Additionally, you will have access to message me questions, updates, challenges, and so on and workouts can be adjusted accordingly. I am here to guide you through your fitness journey as you conquer your fitness and health goals!

Whether you are trying to lose weight, tighten/tone, or gain weight...this is a perfect fit!! I can finally train each and every one of you specifically for your goals no matter where you are! If you follow my program, you WILL get results!!