Workout and Still Keep Your Curves!!

The key to being lean and fit, yet keeping your curves, believe it or not, weight lifting (not just good genes). Pumping iron doesn't mean you'll look like the female version of the hulk. Here's how you can keep your lady lumps perfect and still be lean. Fact #1: You Will Not Get "Brolic" Women do not produce enough testosterone to bulk up naturally. Female body builders dedicate their lives to achieving their physique and their lifestyle consists of high calorie diets, lots of supplements, and lifting massive amounts of weight. Incorporating 10-15 pound weights into your routine will do nothing but tone and lift your curves. Fact #2: Lean Muscles Burn More Fat The more lean muscle mass you have in your body the more fat you'll burn when you're active or inactive. Also, if you keep the rest minimal and the workouts intense, most people burn MORE calories during weight training than a cardio session. Fact #3: Your Curves Will "Pop" Women are naturally meant to be curvy and including weight training into your routine will build strong round curves that will "pop" out as soon as you shed any extra weight. And Tisch's Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Curves: WEIGHT TRAINING! Don't cut out carbs. Make sure you have a good intake of complex carbs. (EX out those white carbs!) HIIT (high intensity interval training) instead of cardio. Low (5-8 reps per set) and slow repetitions. Do all of your cardio on an incline (Stairmaster, bike, or treadmill--muscle building cardio)

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