What's the deal on PROBIOTICS??

Every Woman Needs a Probiotic Supplement!!!

Over 90% of the cells in your body are microbial. These bacteria and other molecular organisms are present throughout the body, and comprise what is known as the microbiome.

BV And Vaginal Health Benefits

Specific species of bacteria found in some probiotic supplements have been found to be effective in protecting both intestinal and vaginal microflora, which can provide beneficial resistance against BV (bacterial vaginosis), as well as yeast and urinary tract infections.

In addition to that, these are the other huge benefits of using a potent probiotic:

Better Mood

Clearer Skin

Weight Loss

Balanced Hormones


As you can see, there are a lot of things that can offset the balance of having a healthy gut. It’s important for EVERYONE to take a probiotic every day..but not just any probiotic, you need to pick the right one.

4 Most Important Strains for Women

There are four strains of bacteria that are critical for women's health.

When looking for a probiotic supplement that is formulated for women, you should make sure to use one that contains each of these four strains:

L. acidophilus: Recent studies indicate that this strain can help treat bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vaginal yeast infections.

B. breve: Researchers have found that this strain can also help prevent yeast infections.

L. reuteri: Many studies have shown that this strain can help fight the growth of candida, especially in women.

L. bulgaricus: This strain plays a significant role in maintaining hormonal stability.

What You Should Look For In A Good Probiotic

Based on my research these are the things to look for in an exceptional probiotic supplement:

Multiple Strains

Most critically, you should make sure to find a probiotic formulated with the 4 Most Important Strains for Women (see above). Unfortunately, most probiotic supplements only provide one strain. That's why it's important to be more particular when finding the right probiotic.

Formulated By A Doctor

It takes specific expertise to form an effective probiotic formulation. More is not necessarily better. The exact combination of strain type, quantity and prebiotics determines the product's quality. Look for real doctors specializing in gut health backing the product.

High CFU Count

Since our microbiome is composed of about 100-trillion good and bad bacteria, a high number of CFUs will have greater impact on the growth of beneficial bacteria within your gut flora. Look for a formula with a minimum of 40 billion CFUs

100% Vegan

Choosing an all-vegan supplement means that you avoid harmful gelatin capsules loaded with animal-based fillers.

It seems like a lot to look for, I know, but here are a few of my favorites that meet the requirements:: Pro-45, Ultimate Flora, Complete Probiotics Platinum, and NutriBiome Probiotic Eleven. There are a lot of quality probiotics out there, but these are just a few that I have used before and liked.

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