What to eat before a work out??

Never work out on an empty stomach! I have clients that come to me with absolutely no energy and when I ask them what they have eaten they say nothing! Not only are you slowing down your metabolism, but your body needs a combination of carbs and protein in order to provide the energy for the work out as well as enough nutrients to repair muscle after. Keep your pre-work out snacks light below 200-250 calories or so. Here are a couple quick things that I eat before my work out!


If you only have 15-20 minutes before your work out, grab a banana. Bananas are very rich in fast-acting carbohydrates that will provide you with fuel for a work out.


Oats are full of fiber, which means they gradually release carbohydrates into your bloodstream. This steady stream keeps your energy levels consistent during your workout. Top it off with a couple berries for some natural sweetness.


Caffeine has been shown to help regular drinkers enjoy a workout more by generating energy, as well as to slow fatigue and increase the rate of fat-burn. A cup of coffee definitely amps me up for my work out!

-Fruit Smoothie

Not only are they time-friendly, building your own blend has a bunch of exercise benefits. For a foolproof formula, use your favorite sliced fruit, a cup of Greek yogurt and some granola for a thicker consistency.

-Eggs/Egg Whites

You already know eggs are a great source of protein and help aid in muscle recovery and growth. Switch it up from the usual scramble and make a veggie-packed omelet.

-Whole grain toast

When it comes to gearing up for workout, carbs are your gym BFF. The key is to have a mixed bag of complex and simple ones so that the release of energy during your workout is slow and steady throughout your routine. Add a little peanut butter for a protein power punch!

-Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt contains almost double the protein as normal yogurt but about half as much raw sugar as regular yogurt. It's easy on your stomach and when paired with trail mix can give you the little rev your body needs.

And don't forget to drink plenty of water pre-workout, during, and post-workout!!!

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