The StairMaster!!!

The StairMaster I would say is one of the best fitness machines there is. Climbing stairs is one of the most efficient and effective ways to get in a great cardio workout AND also build strength at the same time.


This was something I found to be especially true after continuously using the stairmaster. With every step you take for 20-30 minutes you are engaging your calves, glutes, quads, and hamstrings to burn fat and build lean muscle mass.


Just maintaining the balance engages your core with every step. It’s easy to want to fold over and rest your upper body on the machine, BUT if you remain upright and activate your core you also train all those core muscles while training your lower body all at once!

Proper Form :: Your instinct will be to look down and watch each step go by, but INSTEAD, keep your head looking forward, your shoulders down (away from your ears) and your core tight.


The step-after-step motion is a hard workout, but it is not hard on your joints. Regardless of how slowly or how quickly the stairs are moving, you are still getting in a very beneficial workout. (Compared to the treadmill of constant pounding which is much more impact on your body and doesn’t offer the same benefits at a slower pace.)


If you are going to work out you definitely want to make it worth your while. The stairmaster immediately raises your heart rate and allows you to accomplish cardio, toning, and muscle building all at once!


Stair climbing uses the largest muscles in your body to continuously carry your own body weight up throughout the entire workout, which means more calories burned!

Mix up your stair master exercises with double steps, squat jumps, quick sprints, leg raises, side steps, so it doesn’t get repetitious. The time will go by much faster.

If you’re willing to put in the WORK, you will definitely see the RESULTS!

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