The Do's and Don'ts of Mixed Kid Hair Care

- Do not brush your kids hair unless it’s wet. I had to learn this the hard way and my poor babes was walking around with a frizzy fro when she was a baby lol. Majority of biracial kids usually have a curl so its important to only comb while wet. I would recommend getting a wet brush which really helps detangle. - CONDITION! You should be using some form of or combination of conditioner. Whether it’s a moisturizing conditioner in the bath, a leave-in conditioner after the bath, and/or a deep conditioner. Honestly, I recommend all of the above. In the bath I use Mane n’ Tail Conditioner. I soak it for awhile and then using my wet brush I comb it out in sections so that there are no knots. I let it sit for a bit and then rinse it out. I then spray some leave-in conditioner (currently I am using Curly Kids Super Detangle Spray and Love My Baby Naturals Detangle Spray) and comb it out again. Do not rinse this out. I also try to do a deep conditioner once per week. - Find an oil that works for your child’s hair. Every hair texture is different so you have to find out what works for your child’s hair..this goes for conditioner and oil. I use coconut oil (right now I am using Coconut Miracle Oil) for Kenzie’s hair but there is also almond oil, castor oil, macadamia oil etc that may work better for you. I put this immediately after I towel dry her hair after the bath. - Use a curling pudding/gel/buttercream. This, I find, makes Kenzie’s tendrils really pop. I have used all before, but you can test what you like out best. Currently I am using Girls With Curls Curling Butter Cream, Curling Jelly by As I Am, Curly Curl Cream by Taliah Waajid. I put this all through out her hair after the oil. - Don’t over wash your child’s hair. Simply put…mixed/curly hair has different needs. I wash Kenzie’s hair ONCE per week and condition it 2-3 times per week. And when I do shampoo, I mostly do it around the roots. Multiracial hair tends to get really DRY so its important not to over wash it. - Make a “refresh spray”. Literally, get a spray bottle and fill it with water, some hair oil, and some conditioner, shake it up, and use it throughout the week. It can be used in between washed to help “refresh” the hair and add some moisture. You can also buy pre-made sprays like this. - Lastly, teach your kids to LOVE their hair. This is most important. A lot of times Kenzie will see my long straight hair and say I want hair like you! And I reassure her that her hair is just as if not more beautiful than mine. I would honestly, LOVE to have volumized curly hair like hers! I have only let her straighten her hair ONCE and plan on only doing it once in a blue. I absolutely love her curl pattern and would never want to ruin it. Our biracial, mixed, curly kids are already going to have to face differences in their lives so its important to start teaching them young to be proud of their multi cultural back ground.

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