My Top Gym Bag Essentials!

If you pride yourself on going to the gym multiple times a week and squeezing in a workout at the beginning or end of the workday, chances are you keep a gym packed and ready to go at all times. Whether you’re into yoga, kickboxing, weight lifting, or cycling, every fitness-obsessed woman needs a perfectly curated gym bag!

Keeping a bag stashed with all of the essentials helps ensure you don’t forget anything important–like your headphones because we all know that’s the worst. Aside from the usual items (sneakers, duh), there are a few items that every woman should keep in her gym bag. Here’s a list of my top essentials that will make your “gym life” sooooo much easier!

Stainless Steel Water bottle

You don't want to risk forgetting your water bottle at home. To avoid this all too common problem, keep a designated gym water bottle in your bag. My favorite bottle is my stainless steel bottle which keeps my water cold all day!

Facial Wipes

Working ouT in makeup can be damaging to your skin. As you exercise and sweat, your pores open which can lead to clogging. I use Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes after a hard sweaty work out session. If you’re coming from work, you can use these also to wipe off make up before your work out. These wipes are gentle enough for sensitive skin and strong enough to remove excess dirt and oil post or pre-workout! Also, if you don’t have time to lather up after a work out, you can use any party of your body to freshen up!


No body likes ashy legs at the gym…lol. Also, your body will need some hydrating after all that exercise. Keep a little tube of moisturizer in your bag so you can give your legs or arms a quick touch up. My fav – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. Perfect for using all over your body.


This isn’t a MUST..however, if I ever need a pick-me-up because I don’t have tons of energy then I this definitely comes in handy! I don’t recommend pre-workout to all people, but if anyone needs an extra kick of energy for their work out this will do the trick! I use C4-Extreme…don’t mind the itchiness lol, that just means its working..just get ready for a kick a** work out!

Protein Shaker (w/ protein)

After a strength-training work out, I PREACH to my clients to make sure they have protein readily available for right after the work out. I recommend my clients to intake 25-30 grams of protein after a training session. A protein-shaker with the protein inside ready to go is KEY! My favorite protein right now is Orgain (which is Organic and vegan), I just mix with ice cubes and water and it tastes good!


Just a hand towel is all you need, although of course you could go for a fancier sports brand! You’ll need it for wiping yourself down during a sweaty workout, keeping your hands dry while doing weights or depending on the hygiene standards of your gym you might want to place it over a seat while using the machines.

Hair Ties

If you've ever gotten to the gym and changed into your workout clothes, only to realize you've forgotten a hair tie, you understand why an extra set of these should be in every woman's bag. I constantly have an extra set around for my forgetful clients.

Plastic bag or a Wet bag

Don't walk around all day with your dirty gym clothes just tossed in your bag, put them in a plastic bag or portable dirty laundry bag to keep them together until you get home to wash them. Who wants stinky, sweaty clothes in their gym bag just touching all your other stuff…yuck!

Lip Balm

Dry lips during a workout never feels good. Plus, chapstick isn’t exactly something you can borrow from your locker room neighbor. Apply before and after your workout to keep your lips hydrated.


Enough said.

CC Cream

The perfect no-make up make up, that moisturizes your face post-workout and add some subtle coverage to help reduce redness and cover any imperfections.

CC Cream, "CC" meaning Complexion Correction. Gives you a little pigment and better looking skin. My fave? Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correction UV Moisturizer, which has an envy,e to lighten hyper pigmentation and also contains a form of vitamin B3 to help skin retain moisture better! This gives my skin a flawless glow post work out!

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