My Top Grocery Store Picks!

Sticking to an ultra-healthy grocery list doesn't have to run up your bill — you just need a shopping strategy! Here are some of my top grocery store picks that make it so convenient and healthy without having to spend tons! These meal and snack ideas will help you make smarter decisions your next grocery store run!

Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal

Whole-grain oats fuel you up with cholesterol-lowering fiber — not to mention B vitamins that help your body harness energy from the other foods you eat. I eat this for breakfast and keeps me full for hours. Not to mention it takes just a couple of minutes to prepare in the microwave! I also make over-night oats in the refrigerator to switch it up from time to time.

Green Giant Cauliflower Riced Veggies
Cut down your carbs with cauliflower rice! Also when you're looking to cut down on prep work, microwavable veggies can help out in a flash. Sub this mix in for white rice as a great source of vitamin A too. One serving contains 90% of your daily value.

Plain Greek Yogurt
Each serving of this creamy yogurt packs 22 grams of protein, and you don't have to worry about added sugars. I mix mine with a little granola and berries for a healthy snack or breakfast!

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits outlast many others, staying fresh in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Eat oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines on their own as snacks or peel sections to add to salads. Lemon and lime zest and juice make fabulous flavor additions to many dishes!

Almond Butter
Nut butters load you up with filling protein and cravable creaminess. Spread a tablespoon on a frozen waffle or snack with an apple to curve your cravings and fill you up.

Halo Top Creamery Ice Cream

With just 70 calories and 2 grams of fat per serving, this definitely beats engorging thousands of calories with Ben and Jerry’s. I love the birthday cake flavor and my daughter likes the sherbet.

Simply Balanced Organic Diced Tomatoes
Sneak more veggies (and less sodium) into your diet by stirring tomatoes in salsas, sauces, and chilis. Pro tip: Make your own “spaghetti” with spaghetti squash.

Kashi Blueberry Waffles
Pass on the Eggos and try this healthier take on toaster waffles, made with fiber-rich whole grain flour.

Morning Star Farms Veggie Breakfast Patties

Add savory to the most important meal of the day with these veggie sausage pattie

With 81% less fat than cooked pork sausage and 70 calories per serving, you'll be excited to start your day the right way.

Ole Extreme Wellness High Fiber Tortilla Wraps

These low carb options can be used instead of bread of sandwiches, wraps, etc with just 50 calories per serving…taste is great!

Light or 2% String Cheese

Don't just buy these for the kids. Part-skim cheese — especially paired with grapes or whole grain crackers — is a super filling (and portable) snack.

Organic brown eggs

Rethink eggs as just breakfast! These little guys are nutritional powerhouses and make an excellent source of protein for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. Eat them hard-boiled, sunny-side up, or scrambled, or use them for dinner frittatas!

Bagged greens

The health benefits of leafy greens is endless. Kale and spinach are awesome picks that you can literally add to everything..eggs, stir fries, pastas, etc. It’s a great way to sneak in tons of healthy nutrients.

Cottage Cheese

Made with organic skim milk and zero antibiotics, these curds contains 14 grams of protein in each serving. I use this with my protein shakes, salads, or just eat plain for a healthy snack!


Hummus is the perfect protein-rich snack to get you through a long work day. I use rice crackers, celery, carrots, or cucumbers to dip!

Organic Canned Beans

Legumes add a protein and fiber boost to a meatless meal. Fresh beans and dried beans are also healthful additions to any meal, but you can’t beat the ease of low-sodium canned beans. Grab a variety like black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and white beans to give yourself some mealtime options.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
This quality EVOO gives you plenty of bang for your buck. Drizzle it on roasted vegetables, fish, and chicken, or whisk it into homemade salad dressing to cut calories.

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