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Look and feel young forever with these anti-aging tips!!! Eat healthy fats People think that completely cutting fat is essential for a perfect waistline. However, this is a total misconception. EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) are very important for your body, you can’t achieve health with depriving your body of any sort of nutrition. The cell membranes in the skin are built better if there is Omega 3s and Omega 6s present in your diet. If you deprive your skin from these healthy fats, you make your skin more susceptible to blemishes, inflammation and dryness. A balanced diet is one of the most essential keys, so do not forget to take fish, flax seeds, walnuts, eggs etc. Exercise more often We all know the unending benefits of exercise but what we did not know is that research shows that exercise affects our DNA – the research entailed how the root cause is the length of telomere determines the life of chromosome deterioration. So the longer your telomere is the slowly you will age. And that’s how exercise helps you in staying way younger than other people, especially with unhealthy lifestyles. A person who exercises 15-16 mins per week comes out to be 10 years older than someone who exercises 30 mins a day! WOW!! And that does not mean that you drag your feet slowly on that treadmill for 30 mins, it means switch it up! High intensity exercises are the healthiest and make you achieve what you want to!! This is what my clients and I do weekly! Hydration is key Although the skin is the largest organ we humans have, but our body does not see it as a vital organ. Other organs are more important so when you drink water, it needs to go to your other organs to fuel them up before it goes to your skin. So you want to keep yourself hydrated. All our skin types have different levels of water retention also. An average body requires about 8oz of glasses in 24 hours. If you want to aid this process, add some coconut water in your drinking routine. It helps you get electrolyte potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc. It also has effects that are anti-aging. So if you want your skin looking younger and elastic, keep it hydrated! Eat more super-fruits Like I have mentioned before, it is very important what you are eating as it is affecting your mental and physical health. One should not deprive the body of nutrition. There is a reason people uses phrases like ‘you are what you eat’. So fruits are another source of anti-oxidants. Besides anti-oxidants super fruits also have fiber in them, it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. This also helps you stay safe from disease and keep you looking younger. Trade coffee for tea We all love coffee, especially it’s a necessity for us modern people to have that kick of energy and keeps us awake and working. However, that is exactly what our skin does not need. The more relaxed and well slept you are, the healthier you will be along with your skin. So replacing coffee with chamomile tea, or any other herbal tea will keep you more relaxed and that will help your skin be younger and suppler. In all the other teas, green tea is the best when it comes to anti-aging. Know what to put on your skin It is never a good idea to put all sorts of skin products on your face. Different functions, different brands and all sorts of skin products to get the perfect look that you looking for. There are so many sources to figure this out from, there is the media, then research and then your friends and how their experiences have been. Plethora of options and indecisiveness. Your skin only needs 5 different kinds of nourishment. Retinol, Vitamin C, lipoic acid, and madecassol. These things include Vitamin A and different properties. Also, most important, use a moisturizer with an SPF in it EVERY DAY!! Protecting your skin from the sun is KEY! Start using these products in your 20s..I promise your skin will thank you later!! Sleep more, Stress less! So we all know how lack of sleep can trigger all sorts of problems, from exhaustion, irritability, to affecting your ability to concentrate. Your skin is the first thing that starts showing signs when it is not rested properly. Sleep in other words is a healing process, and if you keep depriving yourself of this process – you are just being unfair to your skin and body. Tissue repair, hormone release, relaxing of facial muscles leads to removing fine lines from your face are all the things that happen with sleep. When you are lying down you are also making your skin rest as it’s not up against gravity now. Rejuvenate yourself!! Ban sugar from your diet If you have been ignoring the size of your waistline then just look at your skin, a lot of blame is to be put on sugar. Especially the most refined and white kind of sugar. Sugar in your body causes protein fibers to get hard and malformed. This eventually leads to tissue damage and inflammation in the skin. It is the cause of many other things like Alzheimer’s and cataracts. Sugar attacks the collagen and elastin in your skin the most out of all the things that consequently leads to weaker and paler skin. Recognize Portion Control What the aging process also brings the slowing down of your metabolism. And the best way to keep your metabolism fast is to control your meal portions. That certainly does not mean that you start starving yourself, or eat very little. It means that instead of eating 3 meals a day which are large, have 6 meals a day that are half the original portion. That will kick your metabolism in and make it run faster than it naturally should be running. Oils are your friend One needs to keep their skin moisturized and lubricated for it to stay healthy. That certainly does not mean that you lather oil on your acne to get better skin. The reason our skin produces oil and leads us to breakouts is because the skin is dry and not taken care of. Oiling your skin will save you from wrinkles and also lessen the inflammation in your skin. Oil is one of the only or few things that will go deep into the 3 layers of your skin without irritating it. I use rose hip seed oil every morning and every night before I go to sleep!! Cleanse, moisturize, repeat!! Statistics have it that majority of the women do not wash their make-up properly leading to the skin not being clean. The skin is perfectly capable of doing the job itself. So your skin faces pollution, sweat while you exercise and the regular dead skin that is naturally produced- this affects your skin and health negatively. If you do not keep your skin clean, the dirt will suffocate your pores and lead you to have wrinkles easily. So no matter how long of a night you’ve had, please remember to clean your face thoroughly! Exfoliate! Exfoliation aids us to make our skin better, it lessens the fine lines and wrinkles, and it also unclogs pores and makes skin more fresh and radiant. Boosts the circulation, leading to less irritability.

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