Easy, Healthy, Quick Quiche Recipe!!

My clients are always asking what to snack on or even a quick, easy breakfast. This muffin-tin recipe for mini healthy quiches is quick and a good trick for portion control. These mini muffin-tin crustless quiches are healthy and just enough to hold you over till the next meal. You can use what ever veggies you enjoy with your eggs or even add turkey sausage for an extra punch! This easy quiche recipe is perfect for a healthy breakfast idea, appetizer, or snack! Keep your left overs and freeze for later if need be!!


~ 5 egg whites

~ 3 whole eggs

~ black pepper

~ extra virgin olive oil

~ mushrooms

~ onions

~ spinach

~ garlic

~ shredded cheddar cheese

~ muffin tin


Woolah!! ENJOY:)

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