Build Those Legs Girl!!

1. Strength train at least 3-4 times a week.

Many people think that to build muscle you have to train every day, but that's not the case. Muscles get bigger when they get small "breaks" in training, and get stronger when they build up again during REST days. So don't exercise the same muscle groups two consecutive days. I usually hit my legs at LEAST twice per wk, and I do either chest, arms, shoulders in between. So make sure you aren’t neglecting the rest of your body!

2. Work out hard!

This goes without saying but, make your leg workouts count! Get out your comfort zone and go hard! That may mean doing more weight, but make sure your form

Is correct before you increase it. You want to go all in and maximize the workout, putting a lot of pressure on your muscles so that they break down and build back up stronger.

3. Practice explosive reps.

Many bodybuilders train with "explosive" movement, but this can cause injury if you push yourself too hard or use the wrong technique. If you're interested in these quick, forceful motions, take the time to learn them correctly:

4. Get plenty of rest between workouts.
Muscles get stronger during the time between workouts, when you REST, when the fibers heal and strengthen after they’ve been broken down from a rough work out. That's why it's mandatory to get plenty of sleep every night when you're training heavily. On the days when you don't work out, let yourself rest. Don't go on a 10-mile hike or bike all day long - it's okay to put your feet up and relax.

5. Don’t OD with the cardio.
Yes cardio is great and I have my clients do it. If you are trying to lose some weight. I would definitely recommend doing cardio 2-3 times per week for weight loss. If you are on the smaller side and trying to build, do short spurt, quick cardio like sprints, stairs, stair master, jump rope, jumps, etc. These are muscle building cardio options that will help build and “cut” your legs up. I do sprints a couple times per week after my leg days. If you can do them on a hill or incline, even better!

6. Make sure you are getting in enough protein.

Intake at least 25-30 grams of protein after a leg work out. If you are the on the smaller side, eat some light carbs before the work out (I eat oatmeal) and protein and carbs post work out (I usually do a protein shake and brown rice and chicken or something like that).

Now go get it girl!!!

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