Best Swimsuits for Your Body Shape—Just In Time for Your Next Vacation!

Whether you want to enhance your chest, flaunt your waist, or show off your tush, the perfect swimsuit is out there, I promise! Big bottoms work with dark colors The great thing about having a larger bottom is being able to play it up or down, depending on the occasion or your mood. Accentuate what you want and minimize what you do not! Choose darker colors on the bottom half of your body to place the emphasis on the top half of your body. If you're looking for more coverage, try a skirted suit. Create curves with a cheeky cut If you wish you had a bit more junk in your trunk, look for higher cut bottoms. This is definitely what I do with almost all my suits to create an illusion of a curvier behind/hips! Also opt for bottoms in bright colors and loud prints. Showing a little [more skin] is preferable to a full-coverage bottom. Go for an abbreviated, low waist, string, or boy-cut bottom to create more cheeks. If you're trying to boost your booty, remember, deep, weight squats are great. Choose a flashy top to bring the eye up If your body can be described as pear-shaped, a clever way to balance out your look is to add more eye-catching and volume-building details on top. Thick straps, extra padding, or a wild pattern, all draw the focus upwards. If you are looking for a suit that will minimize your hips, look for details like a sweetheart neckline or a ruched waist that will draw the eye away from the areas you don't want attention on. Narrow hips look great in an A-line one-piece This shape will balance narrow hips and will create the illusion of a more even shape. Having a higher cut on the thighs will definitely give you a more “hipier” look. This is my personal favorite. I have a bunch of suits like this in different colors! You can also try underwire styles that will enhance your bust line to create more balance. Or try darker colors on top and a lighter color on your bottom half to draw attention upwards. Smooth a tummy with a tankini If your stomach isn't as tight as you would like it to be, try a slimming tankini top. These swimsuits hide belly bulge by suctioning and smoothing this often problematic area. You may think two-piece swimsuits are out of the question, but think again! You can totally get your bikini babe side on with a high-waisted bottom for stomach coverage. Try a halter-style for a smoother back To prevent unwanted bulges along your swimsuit line, steer clear of suits that have thin straps that could dig into your back. Instead, choose a suit with thicker straps for support and a high back that will smooth and cover all over. You can also choose halter tops, which help to minimize the focus on the area. Color block your waist to make it look even smaller To create a sense of curves, try a swimsuit that gives the illusion of a defined waist. Color block with contrasting colors that go from light to dark can help give the illusion of a tiny middle. A deep V-neck style with cinching at the waist can also emphasize your waist and draw the eyes to your midsection. Remember you are perfect the way you are! These are just ideas to accentuate your body. Working out hard and consistently and of course eating a CLEAN diet will also accentuate your body-type!

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